Naturally, everyone who works at NEAS is an animal lover.


However, we definitely have our favorites! And one such pet was Bunker. This friendly, goodnatured guy was surrendered last November when his beloved owner lost his home and was unable to find lodging that allowed dogs. They were both devastated by the parting.

Which may explain why Bunker was having such a difficult time adapting to a shelter environment and desperately needed somewhere else to stay until he was adopted. The ideal foster family was found and he was immediately welcomed into a gang of five canine brothers and sisters. Bunker’s wonderful smile soon returned.

Despite blossoming at his foster home, new situations made him nervous, so Bunker continued to get overlooked by potential adopters. After waiting eight long months to find a home to no avail, his foster mom decided he wasn’t going anywhere – Bunker belonged right where he was! He would become a permanent member of their family.

Nowadays, Bunker loves going to the park with his mom and canine siblings, going on long walks, lounging, and cuddling with his people. We’re so happy Bunker finally found his forever home.