You wouldn’t know it by looking at her sweet, beautiful face, but Letty was once in very bad shape.


Found walking down a back road in Georgia all alone, she was completely bald and her skin was swollen and infected. Poor Letty must have been in terrible pain from the mange that covered her entire body.

Yet she trusted the woman who found her and went willingly to the vet – as if Letty knew she was finally being helped. This kind person also paid for the medication needed to treat her mange and brought Letty to her home to recover. But that didn’t last long because Letty didn’t like cats … and the woman’s house was full of them.

Letty was then moved into a foster home in Tennessee. With time and love, she healed and was ready to find her forever family. But year after year, she was overlooked by potential adopters. Her foster mom told us, “This once ugly duckling breaks my heart. She is beautiful and sweet. She loves her people and is eager to please. All my other dogs have been adopted, but not Letty.”

After spending three long years in foster care, Letty was one of the first pets transported north by NEAS’s new Southeast Transport Hub, in the hope that we could find her a permanent home. And that’s exactly what happened! Once at our Shelter, Letty’s days of waiting to be adopted quickly came to an end. According to her forever mom, “We fall in love with Letty more every day. She loves belly rubs, snuggles, and kisses. She enjoys the backyard and exploring nature. She’s the best addition to our small family!”

Although it took a long time, Letty is finally home for good.