Don’t let Sasha’s grumpy face fool you.


She’s actually a sweetheart! Which is why we were puzzled when the family who adopted her in April, returned her in May. They just couldn’t understand why Sasha kept urinating on the rug, even though they kept her litter box clean and tried different types of litter.

As far as we knew, this hadn’t been an issue before she was surrendered to Northeast Animal Shelter. You see Sasha’s first seven years were spent in the loving arms of her elderly parents, but when they passed, she needed a new home. And we were not surprised when this affectionate “funny face” was quickly adopted by a new family. But when Sasha was returned soon thereafter, it was clear that something was going on.

In addition to the litter box dilemma, Sasha was also struggling to maintain her weight. An extensive medical exam and lab work confirmed she had kidney disease. No wonder Sasha was urinating outside her box – she couldn’t help herself!

To treat her condition, Sasha needs weekly injections and prescription medication – and her cute little face folds require regular cleaning. Sasha’s foster mom was there to help her out with that at first, administering her medicine, monitoring her health and keeping her content and comfortable. And now, Sasha has a forever family to keep her healthy and happy! Since being adopted, her “smile” says it all – no misunderstanding that.

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