We stopped by to drop off some stuff for the shelter and ended up taking a stroll around to see the pups and kittens. I’ve always been a big dog lover and we had just lost our golden 6 months prior. There he was, a black and white lab/pit mix boy. He was shaking and he had an interesting mark on his eye. I asked if I could see him. The shelter was busy that day, but I waited the hour to meet him. I sat on the floor with him and I hoped he would stop shaking and feel safe. About an hour later his head was in my lap sleeping. I went home, and my husband instantly picked up my mood and asked, “what did you do today?” I told him I dropped some things off at the shelter. He said, “did you see anyone?” I told him about the boy I saw and the next thing I know we are going back with my little dog to meet his now brother! My little guy needed a friend and that big guy also needed a family! So here we are, just about 4 years later. We love him and he loves us. There are no more worries for him, only love from here on out.