Katia originally came into my home as a foster as the pandemic was starting to really hit resulting in the closure of most shelters. Katia was pretty shy and reserved and I completely respected that no question with my goal being for her to feel comfortable and safe. She has made INCREDIBLE progress and I honestly find myself dumbfounded everytime I look back on the first weeks of her being into my home. I can not brag enough about how far she has come for running and bolting with even the slightest of movements to getting to that point where she feels confident and secure enough to jump up onto my bed and rest herself whether it be between my legs to me waking up and she is sprawled out lying flat on my back. I can not say this enough for how blessed and fortunate I am to have been able to be that person whom she feels safe with and to be able to have provided her with a home that she can call her own.  

I adopted Katia and Katia has most definitely adopted me. I knew she was there to stay as soon as I said outloud “I love you”… NEAS saves lives as it has saved mine <3