We adopted Nicky in early July. We kept his name because it just fit right. He was this shy little 26 lb pup. Within days of bringing him home he learned sit, paw, high five, and nose bump. He is such a smart boy. Now at 35+ lbs he just graduated puppy kindergarten and will be starting obedience training in a few weeks. He has a lab friend — who is the same age — from down the street that he waits for to play in our newly fenced in back yard every morning! He goes to daycare once a week to socialize with other dogs too. He loves to play with others. We are working on leash manners and he is getting better every day. He is a love bug when he is not zooming everywhere or chewing up every toy he gets — even the toughest ones do not last long! I have to crawl into his crate every morning to snuggle and belly rub before he will come out. He constantly gets compliments on how handsome he is and the vet even asked if she could take a picture of him to put on their website. We love him!!!!