I am disabled and home each day, so I decided to get a companion. I went into NEAS in Sept 2015. When I went into the shelter, my plan was to adopt a kitten. However, while walking with the staff to the kitten location, out of the corner of my eye I saw this beautiful cat with huge eyes staring at me. I felt he was communicating his desire to meet me. His shelter name was Toby. I inquired about him and was told by staff that he was a year and a half old but had just returned from a quarantine for biting another potential adopter. Not enough was known about him but he was very nervous. I Immediately knew I had to have him. One look in his eyes I just knew he was the one for me. I named him Butterscotch because he reminds me of a Butterscotch candy. Also, I decided his birthday should be on Valentine’s Day. The day I brought him home he sat in a corner for the whole day, but that night slept with me on my bed right by my feet. The next day I saw a totally different cat. He was zooming around, playing with toys, and was so cute. He is obsessed with water (which I found out the hard way) so, I got him a fountain which he enjoys splashing around in. I’m in awe of how beautiful he is and people mistake him for a girl because he’s so pretty and he is a very sweet boy. He enjoys our daily play sessions together with his laser pointer and wands, his catnip toys, watching tv together, and just hanging out day after day. He doesn’t like to be picked up or cuddled, but will seek me out for petting sessions and will lay his paw over my hand and lay next to me. He is not a lap cat, but instead will sleep on my lower legs and feet every day napping on the couch. I get eye kisses from him all the time and he meows his desires and it’s awesome that I understand and know just what he wants. Whether it’s attention, wanting me to pet his back while he eats, or play time. I catch him staring at me every day and when I look at him our eyes will lock and we will blink our eye kisses to each other many times. I know he’s telling me he loves me and I can do it right back. Looking back to the day that I met him I realized I didn’t adopt him, we adopted each other. He’s my best friend and I thank God every day that we found each other. We are coming up to our 5 year anniversary together this September and I never could imagine my life without Butterscotch.