Doc has adjusted VERY well to his new home, he is basically king of the house and he has become quite the brave explorer! He has met many new human friends, and comes right up to them demanding a hello, and pets from everyone he meets. Then he likes to lounge around and be close to people. One thing we have learned is that Doc hates to be alone. He loves attention and feels most secure when he can see myself or my partner. Another fun thing we have learned about Doc is that he LOVES running water! We often find him lounging in the bathroom sink, and he even tries to join showers. He is a silly, little kitty, but we love every bit of it. He also loves tunnels, blanket forts on the couch, snuggles and food. We are woken up every morning to Doc snuggles and kisses when it is time for breakfast – it is the best thing to wake up to in the morning! Throughout the night he sleeps in the bed with us, usually burrowing under a throw blanket between my partner and I. We are so grateful for Northeast Animal Shelter for providing us with our new best friend, and we tell all of our friends that are looking to adopt about the great work that you all do! Thank you for Doc, and if we ever decide that the family needs another kitty, we will be sure to contact you again.