When we went to NEAS in December of 2017, we knew right away that the scared black lab mix sitting in the corner of her cage was meant to be part of our family. She was found on the streets, so her history was pretty unknown, and as an adult dog she definitely came with some quirks. It took the entire month of December for her to trust us enough to even pet her while she laid in her bed, but we knew we couldn’t give up! In January of 2018, she did a complete 360. Toma knew that we were her people and that she was here to stay! She became the most loving and loyal dog to us, and has made everyday brighter since. Although she still has trust issues with strangers and is territorial of her home (understandably so given her obvious signs of abuse), she makes gains everyday and we’re so lucky to be her family! ♥️ Thank you NEAS for giving us the missing piece to our puzzle! Top left picture is her scared shelter photo, and the other two photos are our happy girl now!