Shai is doing amazing. She spends every day with me while we bond at the salon and is loved by all. She sleeps through all the noises and loves chasing the broom. She has her own little room there with a cozy bed and open door so she can take in the sites. My parents pick her up for play time with CJ for a few hours after her lunch. They have bonded amazingly. She is very popular at the dog parks and loves her puppy time with others. We have made a connection with two other puppies, Lenny and Boo. I have exchanged numbers with their owners to keep up with play dates. Shai has learned sit, down, leave it and is doing great waiting permission when encountering other dogs to see if we can say hello. We are on day three of no accidents in the home! She has learned to approach the door at the shop and home for when she needs to go. We have made a seamless transition into her new food which she loves! She is now trusted up to two hours alone in my bedroom which she loves to cozy up to all the pillows. Leash training is coming along very well and we can make it a whole loop around the neighborhood without too much pause. She has slept through the night since day one and now is beginning to cuddle me at night. She loves sun bathing near the slider and loves to watch tv. She has established her favorite toys and loves a little peanut butter! Although the house is puppy proofed, she has been provided with lots of her own things to chew, and hasn’t explored human things to chew. Overall she has been a complete blessing into the family. She is exhibiting happiness and lots of kisses and love. We don’t know life without her at this point!!!