We had recently lost our beloved 18 year old cat. Our house felt empty so decided to adopt a kitten. We looked around and decided we wanted an all black cat (we had a beloved black cat years ago and we still think of her often). We decided why not adopt 2 kittens, they will grow together and bond. So our search continued, but was limited on options. We happened upon Northeast Animal Shelter and found they had a few kittens to choose from. We made an appointment and drove the hour drive. This shelter was WONDERFUL! The shelter was so clean and the staff seemed so caring for the animals and they were so patient with us making our choice. We chose 2 black kittens that we named Salem and Sabrina. What a wonderful addition to our family. They have adjusted so well and our other pets have welcomed them. We are so glad that we chose 2 kittens, they are so fun to watch play together and it is double the snuggles when they are tired. Thank you, Northeast Animal Shelter for helping us complete our family!