We adopted Reno, unsure of really how our King would react to her. They are the best of friends! Once Reno started to come out of her shell, she was this little puppy full of energy! Reno and King love to play together, and they love to show us both all of their love. Every morning when we wake up, she’s just as excited to see us even though we saw her before we went to sleep. On the first night we brought her home, she was very nervous and shy. When it was time for dinner, I asked King to go get her hoping that she would come. I turn around and they are both walking over to me for dinner! It’s the cutest thing ever! I always tell each of them, “go get your brother/sister” and they do! I never expected them to bond the way they do. They also have the same interest in toys, which is good and bad, haha. King always loves to rip the stuffing out and Reno does too. We realized that the stuffing in our house is never going to go away! We love her so much and we are so happy she came into our home!!