Helium (Now Salem) is setting in perfectly. The moment we brought him home and let him out in a quiet spot he immediately demanded to see the rest of the house right meow! (His big brother also demanded to see him.) Salem is a little sweetheart! He’s is settled into a routine of coming up at night on my chest/shoulder area and bathing me until he’s satisfied and purrs until I’m asleep. Then he goes to my mom’s room to hang out and will come back up to give me kisses in the morning. When he does sleep with me, he’s on my chest or across my neck purring. He runs around playing with his toys and has even gotten his big brother in on it! He loves shoulders and shoulder rides, playing with toys attached to a stick, and always has kisses to give out. As he continues to settle in his auntie comes by at noon to check on him while I’m at work. He plays and kisses his auntie too! His brother took a few days to accept him, but now their playing together and staying to snooze in the bed with me together! He’s even demanding to get picked up and held if he doesn’t get enough attention that day!!