We can’t thank you all enough! Stitch captured our hearts the 1st time he was listed on your website, and we couldn’t love him more! He tried claiming the recliner but we negotiated. He LOVES his big backyard! He lives to sit, watch and listen to it all. But he really loves to walk around it and learn the boundaries.  He’s done amazing meeting new people, sleeping through the night and settling into our routines. He’s observed turkies, turtles, rabbits, squirrels and deer in the lower field. Once the animals move on, we walk down and SNIFF! He’s getting his medicine and his skin looks amazing. He has started to eat his food. There’s too much to do and eating just gets in the way! We’ve all been inspired by how resilient he is despite everything he’s been through and that’s a true testament to the care you provided for him.