We love our Rollie! He’s become such a wonderful addition to our family. Rollie is doing great. He’s got a healthy appetite and is very food motivated. This has been good for training. He’s super smart and has already learned sit, stay, wait, down, leave it and we are working on “off” (he’s a bit of a jumper!), roll over and high fives. We are enrolled in a beginner training class at our local PetSmart and hope to be able to train him to heel very soon. He has a lot of energy so we exercise him lots! He’s done amazingly well with crate training and barks only for a couple minutes when we leave him then pretty much snuggles in for a nap. We use a Furbo camera to monitor him when we’re not home.
Rollie is a curious little guy. He loves to pick up sticks and leaves on his walks. He loves meeting new people and new dogs and makes friends quickly. Happiness for him is snuggling with his favorite blanket and gnawing on one of his chew toys. Rollie is the biggest cuddler and loves to sit on our laps or curl up beside us for a good head pat or chest rub. He’s a bonafide velcro dog and wants to follow us wherever we are in the house. He especially loves car rides because he knows a fun adventure awaits him. He even has his own Instagram account @rockinrolliepup. We did a DNA test on him with Wisdom Health and it came back with Jack Russell Terrier (which we knew) and American Staffordshire Terrier which was a bit of a head scratcher since he’s such a little guy.