Although saving homeless pets is central to our mission, Northeast Animal Shelter recognizes we can’t help pets without also helping the people who love them.


That’s why we launched the Community Pet Food Bank, which distributes donated food to members of our community in need, to help keep them and their pets together during difficult times.

One of our recent recipients was a disabled veteran who was struggling to feed his eight-year-old lab, Benji.  Benji has diabetes and arthritis, which require expensive daily medications – so getting a little support was a huge relief for these best friends. 

With some help from Benji’s vet, NEAS was able to provide him with prescription dog food to maintain his weight and sugar levels.  Now Benji can continue living his healthiest life where he belongs, at home with his dad!


If you or someone you know needs help feeding your pets, please contact Jamie at or 978-745-9888 x362.