We are forever grateful to the staff (beginning with Celia) at Northeast Animal Shelter. We (my fiancé and I) have always dreamed of adding to our little family, and uprooted our home life to be able to do so recently. During the Covid-19 closure, I searched high and low on the local petfinder and shelter pages multiple times per day. Our girl (Eu)Dora popped up late one night in my search, and we knew from the moment we saw her photo that she was exactly who we were searching for. 
After 5 weeks, and much bothering to the NEAS staff, we got to go and meet Dora, and bringing her home the very same day was the best thing we have ever done. This girl is the light of our lives, and we would do anything for her. I’ve told so many, I never knew you could love an animal this much. Dora was so scared and anxious when we first met her, and we were afraid she would never be able to enjoy her life the way a dog should. After just a few weeks, we have seen she has come out of her shell with our families and even some other dogs- yay Dora!- playing with her toys, and showing mumma and daddy lots of love. We couldn’t be more proud of the progress she has made, and can not wait to shower her with all of the love and support she so deserves, for the rest of her life. 💜 
Thank you (A million times!!) to everyone at NEAS who helped us bring our sweet girl home, we are so grateful to each and every one of you. We LOVE Dora!