I adopted Bailey (formerly Jade) from NEAS in February 2018. She came to NEAS from down south before getting adopted for the first time. Unfortunately, she had to be returned to the shelter (I believe less than two weeks later) due to an unexpected family hardship that her former owners experienced. I’m glad the couple did put her back up for adoption because she is has been the greatest addition to my life! Bailey is very active and keeps me on my toes. She loves to spending as much time outside as she can. Whether it’s going on long walks or hikes, swimming, joining me for a run, going to dog class, or playing with other dogs! She is a very sweet and playful girl who loves to snuggle and cuddle up with you once she’s had plenty of time to play. Bailey remains determined to catch a squirrel or rabbit, but it hasn’t happened yet (thankfully!). Give her some treats, a tennis ball, or a frisbee and your bound to be one of her new best friends! I feel so blessed to have Bailey as my four-legged partner in crime, and I am forever thankful to NEAS for making that happen!