Rainey and Storm came to us in the wake of a tragedy.


These sisters found their way to Northeast Animal Shelter after their family’s home in Georgia burned to the ground – but not before they bravely saved the lives of their loved ones inside.

The family said the two dogs alerted them that something was very, very wrong, even before the smoke alarms started to go off.  By the time they made it out of their home, everyone was singed and smoking after running through the fire – but no one was seriously hurt, thanks to Rainey and Storm.  A family member shared on social media, “I saved them and they saved me.”

Left with nothing, the family had to find homes for a number of their pets and wanted to make sure that the dogs who saved their lives were well taken care of, so they turned to NEAS.  We were honored to accept these doggie heroes!

Once Storm and Rainey arrived at NEAS and had a chance to settle in, we went to work to find them homes.  Today, Rainey is enjoying her house by the sea, where she is treated like a princess by her new mom and dad.  Meanwhile, Storm spent some time in a caring foster home to help build her confidence. It didn’t take long before she found her perfect forever family — complete with a mom, dad, and two human brothers — who love her very much.

We are so happy these brave sisters are once again getting the love and kindness they deserve!