This is Talulah, formerly Remi.  My husband and I adopted her on MLK Day 2020.  She was so frightened our son had to carry her to the car and she trembled and leaned into him all the way home.  She was afraid to get into the car or even walk through a doorway without our help. 

Fast forward to the present and she has come so far!  We are patient and caring with her and every day she becomes more trusting and more bold.  She has even started to jump in the back seat with no help from anyone!  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she loves everyone she meets, human, other dogs, and even cats. 

Her favorite hobbies are playing with her toys, running laps around the backyard, and napping.  She responds well to commands and is learning more each day.  We are very happy that she has become part of our family.