Ringo is doing great and very much setting in to life in our home. The kids adore him and he’s great with them. He sleeps through the night in his crate, is great on walks, and loves meeting other dogs at the dog park. 
He’s got a great personality, and he clearly shows some jack russell lineage because he’s very interested in all of the places the rats go in our yard. 
All in all he’s been a great dog and we’re really happy we adopted him. He’s a great fit for our family and has been worth the extra effort that a new dog entails.
We have him and the cat separated by floors still, although the cat came down while he was relaxing in his crate tonight and he didn’t even react, so we have high hopes that they can coexist peacefully in the future.
Thank you for bringing him to us to meet while we were at the shelter, we’re glad we could bring him in to our lives.