Alex, now Merlin, is doing great! He fits in so well with our little family and we are so lucky to have him.  
Merlin has already started bonding with his furry siblings. He loves to play hide-and-seek with our dog, Dobby, and Dobby also likes to share his toys with Merle. Merlin and our 2 year old tortie, Minerva, took a little bit of time to warm up to each other but they are now friends and spend their days playing chase and napping together. 
Merlin is a sweet and snuggly guy. He is also very talkative. He yells when he is happy, when he is hungry, when he wants attention, when he wants to play, and for no reason at all. He loves his food and he especially loves to be held and cuddled after mealtime. We have learned that he does hate houseplants and succulents and he may have knocked a few pots over and dug up the plants (all cat safe!). At night Dobby, Minerva, and Merlin all take turns sleeping in our bed or their beds in our room. 
We are very lucky that we were able to adopt Merlin as he has fit perfectly into our family.