We absolutely LOVE Gilbert – he’s the best cat we’ve ever had. He’s playful, cuddly, social, and very intelligent. He is great with strangers. Kids scare him a bit at first, but he warms up. He loves to be picked up and held when we come home from work, and he always wants to be in the same room as us. He is a very big boy, and you can hear him “thud” whenever he jumps off of anything onto the ground. He’s so soft and has such a funny personality. He feels like the kind of cat you watch funny YouTube videos about – everything he does is a home video.

He snores when he sleeps, he sometimes sleeps on his back with his paws in the air, and he likes to sleep next to me or my husband at least for part of the night most nights. He doesn’t really like sleeping on us or being on laps, but he needs to be close to us. He is really talkative, and we’ve started learning what his different meows mean. Most of the time he is just chirping away at us, or he wants us to play with him. We got him a bed for the window which he sits in a lot, watching the cars and birds outside. I’ve never had a cat that intentionally knocks so many things off tables and nightstands. On one of his first nights, he was in our bedroom and I woke up every half hour to him on a different piece of furniture, batting something off the edge with his paw. I can’t leave anything on my nightstand anymore, or he’ll get up on it during the night and knock each item over with his paws, one by one. When I get ready in the morning, he jumps up on the vanity and will bat my toothbrush or makeup brushes off the vanity one by one. I’ve watched him do this several times, much to his own amusement. I have never felt more like a “cat” mom 🙂