Sonic was a mess when we first saw him. He was scared to death, shaking with fear, snarly and snappy in the kennel. We asked to meet him and we were given very serious warnings that he had a bite history and life is on his terms only and that is never going to change. They also told us he most likely would be scared of us.

Well they brought him in and Sonic jumped right up into our laps. Since he was brought in from Pasadena we knew he had a tough couple of months.

Sonic is still very slow to warm to new people but he has an Achilles heel…roasted chicken! Anybody who gives him roasted chicken is immediately a friend and accepted.

However, he is a “wing nut” detector. He could walk past 200 people and never notice them, but that rare “wing nut”, Sonic will let you know as they approach.

My partner has since died and Sonic has been a life saving companion. And because I am always aware of him – due to his not being that friendly to chicken-less strangers – he has prepared me for social distancing. 😅

Never overlook the “problem” dog as you never know how things may change.

Sonic was a diamond in the rough.