Biscuit is doing fabulously well!!  He has settled in, seems comfortable in the house as a whole  and is eating and sleeping well. We LOVE him – he’s an amazingly friendly, happy kitten. We couldn’t be happier.
A big adjustment in the household is that our cat Smoot, 6 years old, was not thrilled with the new addition at first. But Biscuit just kept being his friendly, goofy self, and Smoot got over it. The two are now co-existing peacefully and even chase each other a bit in play. They aren’t curled up together yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens before long. Biscuit is pretty irresistible all around. 
It’s a new funny story every day with Biscuit, from the fact that he chirps and trills (in addition to regular silly kitten meows) to the way he insists on speeding up and down stairs after us and after Smoot, even though he continues to be somewhat stair-challenged because of his height. His path down usually ends with a somersault, which doesn’t seem to bother him at all.
Neighbors have come by to meet him, and he is remarkably friendly even to strangers – he doesn’t run and hide, he stands his ground and puts on his brave face and looks ridiculously cute.