Remus (formerly known as Patrick) was adopted as an almost 4 month old lab mix puppy in October of 2019. When we first brought him home, he was nervous in crowds and partly bald due to mange.

Now our little (actually very big) adventurer loves people and has grown a full head of hair! He’s a 60 pound lap dog who is content spending most of his day getting as physically close to you as possible and curling up on your lap. He loves his cat brother, Virgil (also an NEAS adoptee) but the cat is not as enthusiastic about being friends.

Since social distancing started, Remus has been a great office mate. He enjoys joining us at our desks and sits in on most of our conference calls. My students love it when he pops into class!

We are so thankful to the NEAS staff who helped us find our best friend.