Mr. Gray is doing awesome!!! We renamed him Kemba. We just love him and he seems to really love being part of our family. We definitely made the right choice when choosing him. I feel like it was meant to be …the hideous pillowcase (pink flannel with pieces of toast and jam and coffee cups) that was in his cage at the Shelter was actually donated by…me haha (I assume anyway because who else would have such an ugly sheet set!).

He adjusted really quickly, within 6 hours of bringing him home he was sleeping on our bed. Each week he is opening up more and more; being more playful and exploring more of the house. He loves sitting in his multiple window perches watching everything outside, and taking lots of naps.

He is VERY vocal when it’s time for meals. Loves catnip, treats, and certain toys. We got him a puzzle box and he enjoys hunting his treats down and fishing them out. 

We are all happy and he is loved!