I had been looking for a dog for a bit. I originally went to NEAS for Rory. However, his personality was not a good fit for my apartment, doggy daycare, or my other dogs. I was sad. I was so disappointed. But the amazing counselor Celia said there was a pup in the back, just coming off quarantine.

“Would you like to see her”. Um yes. Her name was Brooklyn.

She is now Stella. She is the absolute perfect dog. She attends daycare every day while I work. She is the staff favorite! They all want to take her home. She is funny, energetic, and looks at me with the big brown eyes, yet a smirk when she knows she is not supposed to have that sock!

In all seriousness, she is just an amazing pup. In two weeks she is sitting, shaking both paws, sits pretty and rolls over. 🙂 Im a happy mom.

Thank you Celia and Northeast Animal Shelter.

PS: This is her first day at daycare. Stella and Baxter have been inseparable ever since.