We adopted Silver from NEAS in January 2020 after finding out our 12 year old rescue dog has significant cancer and may or may not be with us much longer. We had driven over 2 hours from Western Mass and waited another hour plus to meet with staff, followed by a meet with this little puppy… the Shelter was very busy that day!

After explaining our story to the adoption counselor, she matched us with this great little guy and he joined our crew that day. He slept all curled up on my husband’s lap the whole drive back to his new home.

After a month now in the Western MA wilderness, we are happy to report he is sweet, happy, and great with our 6 year old daughter and older dog, Pandora.

He is so smart and eager to please. He has been learning the routines at home easily. He is just a love. Thank you NEAS for an amazing puppy!


-From his forever family