I had been toying with the idea of getting a second dog, but was worried because my German Shepherd can be kind of a diva. Someone in my family shared the article with Sampson’s picture and I just fell in love. When we went to the shelter, he was a lot bigger than I expected (apparently an error in the weight listed), but he was just the sweetest, lovable big ole pup I had ever met.

I decided I would give him a chance, if he would give us a chance. It’s been almost 3 weeks now, and he is still such a love!! He and my Sibley are getting along. She actually brings her toys to him!! I do not leave them alone together without supervision yet, because I do not want anything to destroy this relationship. We’ve gotten into a routine, and he just loves to lounge in the sunny spots in my office, while I am working.

He has chewed a few things- but hey, he’s still a pup. We go for walks 3 times a day, and he hasn’t once yet peed or pooped in the house!! He’s starting to transition to the raw food diet my GSD is on, and he is doing wonderfully!! He did escape the crate on the second day, so he is confined to my office with a gate and a door. I can leave the door open most of the day, and my GSD only gives him sass if he jumps up on the gate. He puts himself to bed at night, and crawls into his crate.

He has brought so much happiness to this house, even though he is a lot of work !! I just know it was the right time for us, and he is the right dog !!!