Charlie (formerly known as Hank) has filled our home with so much love! Its hard to envision our home pre-Charlie. He puts a smile on our faces each and everyday and always has us laughing.

I grew up in a household with dogs and always loved them dearly, I am that person that will stop in my tracks and pet every dog that walks by, or lay on the floor and play with them when visiting friends who have dogs. With that being said i was nowhere near prepared for the love of my very own dog. It absolutely fills your heart with a love you never knew you could feel.

Since leaving the shelter Charlie has settled into his new home very well, he enjoys being the king of his backyard and his daily doggie play group he attends while mom and dad are at work. He even ventured to Cape Cod to visit Nana and Papa and took a stroll on the beach! He wasn’t quite sure about waves at first but grew to love them!

I cannot thank Northeast Animal Shelter enough for making it a seamless process to adopt our new best friend. You have completed our family, and our hearts are so full!