Melody’s family loved her very much … So when they realized their daughter was allergic to cats, they were utterly heartbroken.


They brought Melody to Northeast Animal Shelter in the hopes that we could find another family for her.

When Melody arrived, she was very nervous and shut down – which was understandable given her situation and new surroundings.  It was clear she missed the quiet, loving home she had always known.  She wanted to be left alone.

Although we gave Melody time and space to settle in, we noticed she became unusually startled by visitors and wondered if perhaps something else was going on.  An examination by an ophthalmologist confirmed that Melody had Progressive Retinal Atrophy – an inherited, painless, yet untreatable disease that causes blindness.  No wonder Melody was always so nervous!

Now that we understood the problem, the solution was easy.  We asked staff and visitors to simply make their presence known upon entering her room – after that, Melody was friendly and happy to have company. 

This allowed her sweet personality to shine, and in no time at all, she found her forever home!

Despite her vision loss, Melody has adapted to her new home quite well.  She is safe and loved, and has quickly learned how to navigate her surroundings.  Her favorite spot is on the couch next to her new mom, and she even rolls over for belly rubs!