At 11 years, Duke was content growing old alongside his beloved owners. 


But when they passed away within nine months of each other, this senior Pug suddenly found himself all alone. With no one to take him in, Duke was surrendered to our Shelter.

The first thing we noticed is that Duke walked with a limp, which the family believed he had since he was a puppy.  Given his advanced age, our medical team sent Duke for X-rays, which showed he had a curvature deformity in his tibia that could cause arthritis.  A dental exam confirmed he needed to have nine teeth extracted too.

Knowing he would recover more quickly in a quieter environment, we placed Duke in a foster home … and his fosters quickly fell in love!  They adopted him and plan to make Duke’s golden years his best ones yet. 

Duke now has a pug sister, Chloe, who could be his identical twin!  His parents tell us they get along great – and even cuddle and nap together.  But Duke is by no means exclusive in that regard – he loves to cuddle with his new humans, too!  Even though he’s no longer a pup, Duke still has so much love to give.