Rocky (formerly known as Marley) has settled in into his forever home very well with us! He is such a sweet soul and is so popular wherever he goes with us.

When we got Rocky, he was 15 weeks old, and he will be 6 months old this month! Rocky was one of 3 brothers that were born in Georgia, rescued, and brought to the Northeast Animal Shelter – where we fell in love with him.

Rocky loves people and his favorite treat is baby carrots! He came to us already housebroken and sleeps through the night beautifully. Rocky is such a good boy, barking only when he wants to play (or when he sees deer on his property 😊). He loves to run, fetch and ride in the car! The funniest thing he’s done so far is when he chewed his way into the bottom of his puppy bed, burrowed his way in, turned himself around, and when we saw him, just his head was sticking outside the hole he chewed… it was hilarious!

Rocky enjoys going to the dog park and playing with his puppy friends, and is just such a good boy! We love him so much and are thrilled to be making so many new and fun family memories with him! Thank you to Ray and the Northeast Animal Shelter for bringing Rocky into our lives! Your staff and establishment are professional, informative, friendly, and were so helpful as we prepared to take Rocky home with us! You, and Rocky, have changed our lives for the better!