As of today, I’ve had Valli (formerly Millie) for exactly 2 years. she was 4 months old then and now weighs 65 lbs. I was not expecting to adopt a dog on this day, but I saw her, felt an instant connection and knew I had to bring her home.

She fit right in like she has always belonged with me. I was told she was the ‘craziest pup’ that they had gotten in, but she has been nothing but perfect since day 1. She’s a great climber, loves to swim and loves her toys. She has tons of energy but also loves to watch movies and snuggle. She is so smart that my mom and I joke that she’s part human.

She is so funny and so sweet and I feel so in sync with her. We go out and adventure every day and then she snuggles up in my bed. She follows me everywhere…she is between my legs as I write this!

I joke to my friends that I found my “soul-dog” but I really believe that I did. I was 18 when I adopted her, she was my first dog, and she has changed me and my life for the better and given me everything I needed and more. Even though I’m young, no part of having her has felt like a sacrifice because she makes every day brighter. I love her so much and every day I am so grateful to have her.