I adopted “Sace” back in 2004 when my only son was being deployed to Iraq with the US Marines. I think it was the best thing I ever did! The shelter waited for us until 9 p.m. . I took one look at this pup & my decision was made.

The reason I was there, was that months ago, I left my name on a tiny piece of paper that was shoved into a drawer & later thought “They’ll never see it.” I had been to the rescue months before only to find a baby fawn IG and wanted it. I went back the next morning to rescue this pup and they said it was already adopted. I was heart broken. That’s when I left my name.

Well, when I received the call from Northeast months later and was told that they took in an eight month old boy, I couldn’t wait to get there. He was a beautiful white baby with a black satin face.

“Sace” and I were best friends, companions & therapy for each other. When he turned two, Sace unfortunately developed Giardia from dirty water at a dog park and developed colitis where he suffered with attacks at least twice a month for the rest
of his life. The attacks lasted 12 hours each. It was rough going as I am disabled, but he was worth every minute of it.

Time went by and by and by and we grew closer. Sace was a gentle dog, happy and loving. He was by my side until he was 16 1/2 years old two weeks ago. It took me over two weeks to post the announcement. It has been a very sad time for me as Sace was all I had. I did, although, have him cremated and he will be buried with me when the time comes. He was not just a pet, he was my family.