Last January, we adopted our girl Scout (previously named Dottie) from NEAS. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family.

When she first came home with us, she wasn’t fully house trained, was afraid of stairs and cars, and wasn’t quite sure how to react to her new home. But she settled in quickly; she’s come so far.

Our year has been full of firsts. Scout (or Scouty) celebrated her birthday, traveled to visit family in other states, relaxed in the Poconos, dressed as a circus lion for Halloween, entertained many houseguests, and enjoyed her first Christmas. She’s gone swimming, spent time with her “cousins”–both dogs and toddlers — played in the snow and has had many other new experiences.

Scouty’s gained in confidence and size, and is very bonded with us. She’s sweet, funny, and very smart, learning new tricks/commands in a day or two. Scout can also be stubborn, but even then she’s cute.

She loves her walks, meals and snacks, as well as her toys and Nylabones. She wags her tail when her people laugh and tries to come “help” if someone is upset. Most of all, she loves her family and is happiest sleeping on your lap, though she’s a very big lap dog.

Thanks to NEAS for taking care of our Scout until we adopted her! We look forward to many great years to come with her.