We lost our dog of 11.5 years in November,  and with the Holidays coming up,  we knew that we couldn’t have an empty house. We missed wet nose and paw prints all over the floor, and a wagging tail at the door. So our family went back to NEAS.

It was almost closing time, and there were not many dogs available. My husband saw this black shy girl in the corner of her kennel. We sat near her and she licked my husband’s face, her face was so sweet. We decided that she is the one.

Phoebe was extremely shy when we tried to play with her, she just wanted to sit in your lap, her tail was down, her ears were down. But we saw that she is amazingly sweet. We were able to bring her home next day.

She is doing great. She came out of her little shell, she is playful, sweet, and very very smart. She got a new brother a week after she got adopted. His name is Boomer. And now they are both inseparable.

Phoebe even ended up on our Christmas card. She doubled her weight, and she no longer looks like a shy little girl. She is a gorgeous 45 pound lab/pit mix who has blossomed into a confident girl who always wants to please you, but quietly steals all our hats and chews the pom poms off!

Phoebe is still trying to make friends with our kitten. But Phoebe and Boomer a bit too curious for our kitten, so they are all being well supervised.

Adopting Phoebe from our local shelter NEAS, was the best feeling in the world. Giving a home to a girl who most likely was overlooked by many people because she was black and shy was the best decision.

Phoebe is a princess in this house and we will love her forever.