Olive (formerly Tessa) has been the best addition! Since coming home at the end of October, she’s nearly doubled in size. Her vet thinks she’ll be a lifelong little bean and max out around 7 pounds.

She’s such a smart and mischievous kitty. Her approach to everything in life seems to be “hey, that looks fun! What if I did that?” She’s learned how to play fetch, knows her name, comes when called (unless she’s investigating something particularly interesting 🙂 ), and we are working on leash training.

She wakes me up for breakfast every morning by laying on my chest and purring. It could just be coincidence, but she seems to be very in tune to what’s going on with me, and I joke that she’s a self-trained therapy cat! Olive wakes me up from nightmares and if I’m having an anxiety attack, she paws at my arms until I uncross them from my chest so she can come snuggle up and purr.

I love her so much and I’m so glad I found the perfect little cat for me at NEAS!