We recently lost our dear 16 year old Samantha and recognized that we wanted to share our love with a new rescue dog. As we began to look at the pictures of the adult dogs at the shelter, sweet Ginger’s eyes seemed to speak to our souls. We visited and fell in love with her; bringing her home on December 14th. Since then we have experienced a great deal of joy as we have more deeply learned about her character and personality.

Ginger was included in all of our holiday celebrations–receiving several gifts and dressing up as an elf to help deliver presents to family members. She has also begun an exercise program which includes several walks enabling her to explore and appreciate her new neighborhood.

She is a very quick learner and it is wonderful how she enthusiastically greets us at the door with lots of kisses, curls up on her dog bed or on the couch, and gently snores falling into a slumber in her new home. We are looking forward to a glorious new year with our sweet Ginger.