Georgie is a bundle of energy but luckily he loves to play with every dog he sees in the dog park! We go every day and he can’t wait to see his new best friends and run around. One of his best friends is Ellis, a sheep-a-doodle about 5 times his size! They run and wrestle together, totally oblivious to how different they are in size.
It’s been a couple months now since Georgie was adopted and I can definitely see a change in him. He’s more comfortable and outgoing, he has his favorite spot on the couch, and he’s settled into a routine. For the first month or so he would wake up in the middle of the night multiple times and cry but now he walks into his crate at ‘night night time’ and sleeps until the alarm goes off in the morning!  On weekends we’ll get up, go outside quick, but then come back and snuggle in bed for a little while. He puts his head my leg and snoozes and it is just the cutest thing ever.
When I first met Georgie at the shelter he was so scared of everything. If I reached down to let him he would scurry away. Now, while still a tad cautious of some people, he loves being around people and sniffing them to see what they are about. It’s a huge difference from where we started.
One great thing is that he loves my 8 year old niece! When we visit they run and play together and tire each other out. She can’t wait to see him at Christmas.  I also have a inkling he’s going to love unwrapping his presents.