It’s heartbreaking when loved ones can no longer care for themselves, and even more so when they can no longer care for their pets.

That was the situation facing a family whose mother had raised Puddin’, a 12-year-old Himalayan show cat.  When the woman was diagnosed with dementia, her family reached out to Northeast Animal Shelter for help.

Upon arriving at the Shelter, staff quickly realized Puddin’ was in need of considerable grooming and dental work – so our medical team got to work right away, providing the cosmetic and medical care she desperately needed.

Once Puddin’ recovered, it was time for her to find an adopter who would shower her with love and affection… and did she ever!  Puddin’ now spends her days cuddling with her canine brother – and new best friend – on the couch until her dad gets home from work.  Her bed of choice is her dad’s pillow, and he happily obliges.  It’s safe to say Puddin’ has found her forever home!