Chowder now goes by Louie.. mostly “Lou”! He’s been settling in so well in our home! He loves to snuggle. Loves to chew on crunchy leaves on the deck.. which he’s actually doing right now! He’s been doing so well sleeping in the crate, which was definitely a big help in easing him into a routine here! He eats well and loves his training treats and frozen peanut butter Kong’s. We had his first vet visit a couple weeks ago and he did amazing with the shots and blood draw. So sweet and gentle.  

We’ve been working on the training and walking on a leash. He occasionally likes to play tug of war with the leash, so we are working on that in training. We are also working on socializing him with other dogs. He still is a bit rough when he plays. We actually brought him to a doggy day care today just for an intro/intake session and he had to be put into his own area for a little while just because he doesn’t seem to know his own size yet!  

We are so, so incredibly happy with Lou. We feel we got very lucky in finding him that day. And we appreciate everything you did to talk us through the process of finding a good fit for our home. He’s definitely our baby now!