Fospice, a blend of “foster” and “hospice,” provides comfort and care to senior or terminally ill homeless pets like Gertie, a local stray who was brought to NEAS barely clinging to life.


Our medical team discovered this eight-year-old Chihuahua needed immediate surgery to remove two large hernias and a gland tumor. To make matters worse, she was also heartworm positive and had a recurring knee problem. Poor Gertie was found just in time. 

Once Gertie got the care she desperately needed, we looked for a medical foster home where we hoped she might recover. Fortunately, fate stepped in to help – a wonderful family saw her on our website and fell in love. “There were a few photos of a perfectly beautiful soul who captured our hearts,” they said.

In spite of her poor health, Gertie was quite content. She spent her days sampling treats, playing with her fur sibling, and watching squirrels from the window. Gertie was finally home.

Her family told us, “We didn’t know if Gertie would make it or how long we would have together, but one thing we do know is we have our time together now and it’s vibrant.”

Alas, these happy days were also her final ones – Gertie recently passed away in her fospice home, but we take comfort in knowing she was so well loved.