Duke (formerly Xander) is a happy 6 month old pup that loves to go on his daily walks with my son, Arthur,  and with his dog walkers. He has 2 friends on the street, Gracie and Tito. We have “puppy play dates” where they run around in fenced in yard.  A tired pup is a happy pup!!  


Two afternoons a week, Duke is our office mascot!  He comes to work and hangs out in the office and plays with his toys.   His favorite thing to do is burst into the office and runs to the cubicles to get kisses and hugs. He is a very sweet and affectionate dog. He’s great with everyone.


Duke graduated from puppy school and will start his intermediate class next week. He is very smart and knows all his commands.  


Duke is very lucky that he has so much love and attention, and we’re so fortunate to have such a sweet, lovable dog in our home. Duke is the second dog that we’ve adopted from you, and we’re blessed to be part of The Northeast Family.