We adopted Talula on August 4th, 2019. It was a tough spring and summer for our family having already lost two cats and a dog to medical issues and old age. You can imagine we were devastated.

It took us a while to finally say it was time to find a new family member. We first went to the shelter on Aug 3rd and somehow overlooked this gorgeous girl. The next day we went in and she was waiting patiently for us, curled up in the corner of her cage.

Everyone kept telling us how sweet she was and she has lived up to it and more! Now known by her more regal title, Lady Talula, her ladyship quickly wiggled her way into our hearts with her little chirps and persistent requests for attention. She is a full-figured lady but she is the perfect delicate combination of gentleness, affection, and cuddles (she can get a little wild with the zoomies but don’t let that impact her reputation as a lady).

Talula has brought so much joy and comfort to our home that we couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family. Thank you for taking good care of our girl while she was at Northeast Animal Shelter and thank you for making the perfect match. We are truly in love.