In May our family cat passed away, and it was very hard for all of us to deal with as it was very unexpected. After a couple months had gone by, my girlfriend and I started thinking about getting a new kitten. We visited NEAS a few times here and there but it just never felt right.

One day we impulsively decided to visit again. We were looking around and still nothing felt right. We were upset but we decided to walk around one more time. We came up to a cage we previously thought was empty, but when we called into the cage he came out from under his towels (we originally could not see him) and we instantly just knew it was fate.

Everything that night with his adoption just went so smoothly, we knew it was meant to be. He was just what we needed, and he has been a perfect addition to our family and I absolutely adore him. He is the most cuddly, playful, loving, and funny kitten out there and I am so happy with our experience. Thank you NEAS!!!