My son wanted to get me a white kitten for my September 17th birthday. I have always wanted a white kitten, and they are hard to find. I was on my way out to do errands and I just happened to look at the NEAS website and there were two 8 week old white kittens …a male and female siblings.

I went to the shelter just before it was opened and was first in line to see these kittens.  Usually I prefer females but the male, Brady, was so pretty with blue eyes.. and he was it.

So I have my birthday boy and it is nearly a month now and he is perfect! He fits in with the other pets in the house be it a dog or cat.  He is playful and then he cuddles with me on the couch. In fact he is running around the house as I type this!  He has been to the vet twice now (and is up to date on shots for his age) and at the beginning his plumbing wasn’t working so well. But with extra water and a little pumpkin in his kitten food he is just fine now.

I have adopted from NEAS more times than I can count, but this little guy is special because my son gave him to me for my birthday (and he is probably tired of me looking at white kittens and talking about getting one!)