We’re having an incredible time with Rio, whose new name is Fonzie. The experience at NEAS was so wonderful; I wish we could come back for more Fonzies! Your help and attention was far beyond what we expected and we can’t thank you enough.
A few highlights from Fonzie’s new life:
* The Town – Fonzie’s already famous in Charlestown. His bouncy step and gorgeous face have put him on the map. Between the park and our favorite stores, he already knows everybody!
* Potty Training – It’s going really well, with only one or two “accidents” a day. But even when he does go in the house, at least 75% of the time it’s on his wee wee pad.
* Crate Training – The first two times we put Fonzie in the crate, he was so upset he pooped then danced in the poop, resulting in emergency bath time. Lol. As a result, he now sleeps with me and/or my son at night, and is growing fond of his crate little by little during short daytime stints.
* Socializing – This pup loves EVERYBODY. Kids, adults, puppies, big dogs, you name it. He already has 2 best dog friends, plus plenty of buddies that are his park favorites. With the park directly outside our front door, he’s in dog heaven.
* Learning – Fonzie’s a quick study. He already knows, sit, wait, get busy, off, settle, leave it, up, and his leash training is moving along nicely (except during busy park times, during which he is in full rambunctious mode!) Plus, he fetches in the house like an old pro.
* Medical – Fonz took his most recent shots like a man, although he was grouchy and sore for two days after. He was very chill while at the vet.
* Joy – Every day is full of silly fun and adorable snuggles with this guy. Seriously, we’re obsessed with him.