Jake is now an Alys, and is doing really well!
She’s super sweet and is lots of fun to be around. Alys is really smart and has the phone sussed! When I was video calling my family in the UK, she was tapping the screen as they moved and putting her head to the speaker!
Another thing she’s learned is that in the morning/evening when I’m doing my skincare, I throw my cotton rounds in the bin. So now, once I get my creams and things out, she sits waiting at the bin so she can try and catch them! 
Her favorite place to sleep is typically under my arm or on my face, and the last couple of nights she’s been sleeping between my husband and I with her head resting on the pillow – she’s a riot! Once we stir in our sleep, she purrs so loud (in our ears) we have to love on her until she falls back asleep. 
She’s started playing with one of our other cats, Tanner, and is loving teasing and chasing him! He wasn’t sure at first but I think is starting to enjoy it.
Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives! She has made us so happy.